Group of students jumping in the air with books.

Elementary and Middle School Advertising Options

Are you a business looking to connect with Ƶ families to share activities and special events for elementary or middle school-aged children & their families?We are now reserving space for the upcoming 2024-25schoolyear for the ActivitiesExpressand theMiddleSchoolMomentum.

The Activities Express paper goes home with elementary school students (10) times during the school year and is also shared online via social media. The Middle School Momentum is shared online via social media and isemailed directly to middle school students and parents (3) times during the school year. *Please note:we only accept ads that promote activities and special events for children/families.

Here is a link to documents with the current pricing & deadline dates and to view our most recent edition for both publications:

Space will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.Please contact Deanna Hayeswith any questions or submit your updated account information with this form to activate your account for advertising:

Thank you!