Site Planning

The Ƶ Public School District uses Site Planning as the mechanism for school improvement.

Ƶ Site Planning Website

Use the search feature to search for a specific topic found in any current site plan, or browse each individual school's site plan.

Phase 1
  • Data Retreat
  • First Planning Session
  • Action Team Research
  • Second Planning Session
Phase 2
  • Implementation Begins
  • School Activates 1-3 Action Plans
  • Ƶ Remain in Phase 2 for 1-2 years
Phase 3
  • Site Plan Update
  • Ƶ implement additional 1-3 Action Plans
  • Ƶ have the opportunity to update site plan if any new critical issues arise
Phase 4
  • Ƶ activate all remaining Action Plans
  • Ƶ remain in Phase 4 for 1-2 years

School Improvement Teams, in cooperation with the Leadership & Learning Department, determine if they are ready to return to Phase 1 once all specific results have been met.