4105.2: New Administrator Induction Program

The purpose of the New Administrator Induction Program is to prepare administrators for their positions in Ƶ Public Ƶ. This will be accomplished through professional development aligned to their mutual commitments and job accountabilities.

I. All first-year and newly employed administrators (in their first two years of employment) will participate in the District’s New Administrator Induction Program.

II. The Ƶ Leadership Framework will serve as a resource to align the professional development, help new administrators self-assess and develop specific leadership skills, and improve staff performance and student achievement.

III. Definitions:

A. Administrators new to their administrative position will participate in the New
Administrator Induction Program.

B. A mentor will be defined as a current administrator who has been employed by the District for a minimum of three (3) years and who is not the supervisor of the new administrator.

C. A mentee will be defined as an administrator in his/her first year of an administrative position.

IV. Information about the New Administrator Induction Program will be communicated on the Leadership & Learning website.

Date of Adoption
April 4, 2016 (rewritten)