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Ƶ is proud to offer the Core Knowledge program at two elementary schools. The Ƶ Core Knowledge program provides cultural literacy through a sequential and challenging curriculum rooted in the E.D. Hirsch and philosophy. The Core Knowledge Sequence consists of a body of widely used knowledge placed into the curriculum in a coherent and sequential design. The program develops rich reading and writing skills through the use of the Spalding Method, Shurley English, and phonics. This spiral also includes history and geography, science and health, music, visual arts, and language arts (poetry, idioms, reading, writing, and grammar). The teacher-directed environment establishes high expectations through whole-group learning and fosters analytical thinking. Students are challenged through an in-depth and swiftly-paced curriculum which develops higher-level thinking skills and establishes a solid foundation to build upon. For more information, pleasecontact Coordinator of Special Programs, Dr. Kara Hutton, at 402.715.8708 and khutton@mpsomaha.org.

Core Knowledge Ƶ in Ƶ

Ƶ offers the Core Knowledge program at Catherand Disney Elementary Ƶ. Core Knowledge has been at Cather Elementary since 1995.In 2015, the Core Knowledge Academy at Cather was recognized as a Core Knowledge Program School of Distinction. As a result of increased demand and the district's commitment to offer programs of choice, Core Knowledge expanded toWalt Disney Elementary in 2016.The Ƶ Core Knowledge program at Cather Elementary and Disney Elementary are option-enrollment programs offered by the Ƶ Public Ƶ. For more information, please contact the schools.

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