Benefits Open Enrollment

Benefits open enrollment is now open for your 2024benefit elections. Open enrollment starts October 27, 2023, and will be available through Friday, November 10, 2023.

Instructions were sent to your Ƶ e-mail.

Each employee must submit open enrollment responses even if you are declining coverage or keeping the same coverage.

The buttonbelow includes premiums per payƵ for 2024.

The Resources button includes updates and changes for 2024.

Your Google Form will also include information to help you make your 2024benefits decisions, such as District HSA contribution amounts. You can view the form without submitting or editing your response once complete until the open enrollment window is closed.

Need assistance: Troubleshooting tips and Health Plan comparisons for 2024Benefits Open Enrollment can be found .

2024 Premiums Per PayƵ

Use the resource links below to access 2024premiums per payƵ for Ƶ Public Ƶ employeebenefits.

2024 Benefits Open Enrollment Resources

Use the linksbelow to access 2024 Benefits Open Enrollmentinformation.

This guide answers some of the basic questions you may have about your benefits.

A one-page chart to compare the 4 health plans

The plan comparison tool is intended to be used as a guide and to measure hypothetical savings. It is not intended to be used as advice. If you need advice for your specific situation, please consult with a qualified financial or tax advisor.

A short walkthrough for deciding which health plan to choose for 2024

Instructions to find a provider on each of the four health plan options.

2024Open Enrollment Information
Summary of Benefits (SBCs)

Plan Summaries

Access your accounts for , , and benefits

Meritain Pharmacy Solutions

Slide Presentation indexed so you can view sections of interest.

Slide Presentation with audio & an index so you can view sections of interest.

  • Open enrollment dates
  • What's New & What's Staying the Same
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • Terms & Definitions
  • Plan Option Comparison
  • Medical FSA / Dependent Care FSA
  • 2024Health Plan Decisions & Plan Advantages
  • HSA information &advantage
  • Teladoc (Medical, Dermatology, Mental Health)
  • Aetna Services to Assist You
  • Ƶ Wellness Program

2024IRS HSA Maximum Allowed
Single: $4,150
Family: $8,300

2024IRS Maximum Allowed
Medical FSA: $3,050 (projected amount)
Dependent Care Flex Spending Account: $5,000