Leadership Definition

Leadership is defined in Ƶ as the art and science of inspiring others toward a common mission and a shared vision through collaborative relationships characterized by integrity, humility, resiliency, and commitment to empowering others to reach their highest potential.

Leadership Development in Ƶ Public Ƶ

Ƶ Public Ƶ has focused on a systemic leadership development process.

Leadership Framework

In an effort to define leadership in Ƶ Public Ƶ, a definition and were developed during the 2012-2013 school year.

Principal Institute

The purpose of Ƶ's Elementary Principal Institute is to provide professional development for aspiring elementary principals through a structured, supportive, and experiential process. There are 3 requirements in order for staff members to receive an invitation. 1) MA degree in Elementary Education or be able to qualify for the endorsement; 2) Working in one of the following teacher leader positions: elementary admin intern or district teacher leader; 3) Candidate wants to be an elementary principal. Click to see an overview.

New Administrator Induction

In addition to the comprehensive leadership staff development provided to all administrators and other leaders, Ƶ also provides a 2-year New Administrator Induction program. Click for more information.

Leadership Academy

The purpose of Ƶ Leadership Academy is to develop leadership capacity in Ƶ Public Ƶ. Participating staff includes leaders who aspire to become principals, district teacher leaders or grow as a building teacher leader. Leadership Academy is open to Ƶ salaried staff. Click to see the 2023-2024overview.

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