Thank you for your interest in Ƶ Public Ƶ! Nebraska is rooted in academics, and nowhere is that more true than Ƶ. We believe high expectations promote higher achievement and that excellence is worth the investment. That is why we have nearly 3,000 amazing teachers and staff ready to support your children. Our teachers hold 1,323 masters degrees, and fifty-two of them have doctorates. They bring education, encouragement and engagement to our schools. They know all children can learn, and they recognize achievement comes in many different ways.

This is why Ƶ offers so many paths to success. It begins with a strong general curriculum and expands to special programs and programs of choice such as International Baccalaureate, Montessori, the Ƶ Core Knowledge Program, Special Education, High Ability Learners, Junior Air Force ROTC, AP Capstone, High School Career Academies, Bridge to Early College, Early College and so much more. You can read about these programs on our website and reach out to our schools for more specific information so you can find the best opportunities for your family.

I have had the good fortune to be deeply involved with Nebraska Public Ƶ all of my life, and I believe in them. I’m honored to be able to support our community and share our story. We are #Proud2bƵ.


John Schwartz, Ed.D.

The Superintendent's Blog