Research Requests

Conducting Research in Ƶ Public Ƶ

DARE reviews all internal and external requests to conduct research within the Ƶ Public Ƶ. Examples may include but not limited to: Dissertation, Master’s Thesis, action research, graduate school projects, and surveys.

All researchers must complete a research request.

Application Links
Ƶ Students - Work through your
teacher or sponsor



Also, helpful is our Elements & Samples of Informed Consent document.

Requests are reviewed as they are submitted and typically are completed in two - three weeks. Additional time might be required due to the nature, complexity, and sensitivity of data requested.

The Ƶ Policy for Research can be found at 6900: Research - Testing and accompanying rule.

Requests can be submitted to Dr. Darin Kelberlau, Executive Director of Assessment

Please note that some links are live and are controlled by organizations outside of Ƶ. Educators are asked to use professional discernment and follow Board Policy and Rule when using these resources.