Salaried Staff Evaluation

The staff evaluation process was developed to support the mission of the Ƶ Public Ƶ:

Ƶ Public Ƶ guarantees each student exemplifies the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship through an innovative, world-class educational community that challenges and empowers all students.

Purposes of Staff Evaluation within Ƶ Public Ƶ

  • Accountability
  • Professional Growth
  • School Improvement

Ƶ Public Ƶ uses to facilitate all evaluations.

Resources (Revised 2023)

  • Additional Resources

Hourly Staff Evaluation

In the spring, hourly support staff and hourly professional technical staff will be asked to self appraise on several job performance / personal attributes including: attendance, personal appearance, attitude, quality of work, knowledge of job, efficiency, cooperation, dependability, communication, judgment and technology skills. Hourly staff will be asked to assess their own areas of strength and areas for growth. Hourly staff can view their Self Appraisal document in at any time.

When the Self Appraisal document is submitted in TalentEd, the information will auto-fill into the evaluator’s summative report. A summative conference between the hourly staff member and evaluator will be held to review the evaluation.

Administrator Evaluation

  • (Admin Only Access)